Products and Services for Every Restorative Need

Every patient has a unique set of needs, desires, and possibilities for their dental restorative care. With that in mind, it is important for dental practices to partner with a lab that helps to delight the diverse range of patients, enhance practice excellence, and maintain patient health and safety. A partnership with MicroDental Hamilton brings you a wide range of treatment options, matched with a high standard for quality & customer service.

Full Service Catalog of fixed and removable restorations offers more treatment options and greater convenience.

Responsive Customer Service by MicroDental’s dedicated front office team.

Technical Consultation
by MicroDental’s lab manager or Registered Dental Technicians offers a collaborative approach to smile design, materials selection and more.

On-time Delivery is facilitated by MicroDental’s industry-leading Registered Dental Technicians, the utilization of case management software and local delivery by our drivers.


A Dental Laboratory That Supports Your Occlusal Philosophy

We understand that dentists often have different occlusal philosophies. You shouldn’t have to explain or justify your occlusal philosophy to your dental lab. Your dental lab should adapt to your philosophy.

Our technicians and team leaders are adept at working with all types of occlusal philosophies, including Neuromuscular and Centric Occlusion. So you’ll spend less time educating dental lab technicians, and more time seeing patients.